Monday, April 6, 2015

motorcycle ride report atlanta tallahassee

rode the ol ninja 500 down to tally from the atl. these are notes mostly for myself, but i'm putting them out there in case others want to read ;)

took 85-185 to columbus on the way there. accidentally pulled into ft benning while trying to get on 27.  i'll definitely take more care next time transitioning from i-185 to 27...

ran low on gas, switched to reserve between blakely and colquitt. things are a little desolate between columbus and bainbridge, definitely worth keeping an eye on gas. my tmobile coverage was pretty thin as well. 27 has a lot of nice hills, nice route for sure.

from tally, my friend and i took a cage down to st george island. sgi was georgeous! (typo intended) will definitely try to ride it some time. the country south of tally is definitely worth seeing. st marks wildlife preserve is also great costal sight seeing.

heading back i took an i-75 based route. from tally to tifton, i took 319 through thomasville and moultrie. (downtown thomasville has brick streets :) ) leaving tally, i got rained on pretty good for 10-15 minutes. my adidas and my crotch took some water, but i dried out over the next couple of hours, as the weather then was warm and dry.

after these great country roads, i-75 just sucked. checking routes while nomming at keith-a-que in ashburn, i found there was a non-interstate route from perry to forsyth. it was wonderful! drove through fort valley and historic forsyth with some great farmland and some hill curves.

forsyth to atlanta was just quick and easy at that point despite some stupid saturday night slow and go-ness in the hc. did note a couple of state parks north of forsyth that could be good camping in spring before the nga and wnc mountains warm up enough for my camping taste.

next time i plan to budget the extra time to take 19 most of the way, right down  peachtree! i'll wear riding shoes even...

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