Sunday, December 16, 2012

the world is ending

the world is ending so i made a playlist. i went ahead and shared it because why do i care what you think if the world is about to end?

i didn't make this a my top 10 of all time list because my attitude isn't i'll never hear these songs again but rather what do i want my last thoughts feelings and emotions to be in my last moments of life as i knew it.

i chose a barely pre-meditated list combining nostalgia experiental and/or other interesting feelings, i want to feel several, a feeling music moment a thon.  go ahead and judge.

so i open with #1 because of the memories of hearing it the first time and so any varied times after.  besides it's an ironically apropos opening.

#2 ok so it's in my all time top 10 but it puts me square in a place and time i'll never experience in colombia and venezuela.  i'm going to project myself there.

#3 is just awesome 80s r&b throwback. and if i let myself go a little bit i can feel like a giddy in love black teenage girl.

#4 is just a cheesy song i love to hear when i go out.  by this time i'll be fully crunk no alcohol or other drugs necessary at all.

#5 is another funky out in the club song that just puts a smile on my face reminds me of nights at j.d.'s welcome to atlanta wednesday night spot.

#6 reminds me of madonna who i'll dance with for a song while dancing a flashback of this song when i heard in italy and i'm dancing with my ex-wife mother of my children too.  all in italy at the same time. i might not live to tell but it'll be hot.

#7 i knew i'd need to rock out some more and the old hiphop is keeping the mood upbeat.  one last time i can sing it like it was me singing it on the original recording. no one will know the difference. i'm run-james.m.c. i'm LL cool james. i'm fly.

#8 i took a shine to this song pretty recently. it had never struck a chord with me before never gave it a good listen or how the hell am i going to figure why? it's such an elegantly simple wonderful song. i'm going to disappear into so many wonderful eyes of every color that i've adored during the years. eyes are my favorite feature on a person followed by lips. many many people should expect me in their retinas; i will be there.

#9 an apropos band name and song with many recent memories like dancing to it at mjq and the woman who brought that and tons of other brilliant music to my house on a thumb drive.  y'all don't forget about the gift of music.  sorry the world's ending, just look inside yourself and rejoice.

#10 an experiental piece. it just allows me to transport to another place time and experience for a moment.

#11 allows me to feel like i'm being loved by someone else. i'm going to accept as much of that love as i can take.  there will be serious goose bumps and tingly flushed face and skin. i'm going to feel just like only the perfect other person for that moment can make me feel. i will be feeling it.

#12 zaps me off to somewhere selacious to enjoy the funky side of life. i'm gettin funky to a T. fo sho

#13 gonna get sappy and group hug my kids my parents my closest people in my life. all at once.

it's time to awaken.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 (r)evolution - we revolve around the earth

astronomy changed drastically and made so much more sense when we calculated things based on the sun being the center of the solar system instead of the earth. 

economics will make much more sense when the earth and nature is the central calculation and not population or artificial currencies. 

we (r)evolve around the planet not it around us. we depend on the planet not it on us. 

this is essential to the awakening that is happening now not necessarily because it's 2012 but just because it's time. 

thank you for entertaining this idea.