Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Notes on Spirit Air and Ft Lauderdale

This is more of a note to myself of things to expect next time I fly Spirit Air, but I'm putting it out there in case it helps anyone else as well.

Spirit charges for bags. You probably already know this. If you don't and you fly them, you'll find out.  Personally I accepted the challenge to pack with just a "personal" sized bag 16 x 14 x 12 inches (as opposed to carry-on size).  The main take away is to factor baggage charges into the flight cost before booking, if it's going to be an issue.  Another unusual thing-- I do like that the seats on the aircraft don't recline. While I would have liked to recline my own chair, it really nice that the person in front of me couldn't recline and crush my long legs.

FLL has a pretty inadequate capacity. Terminal 4 /Concourse H has a restaurant/bar, a Dunkin Donuts, and a newsstand. In the main concourse if you have time to leave and come back there's Sbarro and a burger joint. 

The bathrooms' capacity on Concourse H is also limited, so it's actually a consideration to do business on the plane if you're connecting there from a domestic flight.  You may have to wait in line to do your business at times.

If you're returning from a trip abroad, they are limited too in immigration/customs capacity. It took me two hours to get through, though I did have a bonus customs search.

It's easy to complain when flying, but it's amazing how easily we can just pop over to a foreign country.  My experience with Spirit was fine;  The little things here are just a reminder to myself to help maximize creature comforts next time, and there will be a next time!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The myth of burning fat with cardio

Wanna burn that excess fat on your waist line? Diet and exercise! Wanna buy some ocean front property in Arizona?

Sadly, diet and exercise aren't the answer. Diet is the answer. And sadly, fad/commercial diets focused on macronutrients aren't the answer, especially in the long term.

If you've seen something on TV, someone's selling you something. If you've listened to the American government's recommendations, someone's selling you something. (The food industry is regulated by people coming from the same food industry. Just don't believe everything you hear.)

What should you believe? Verify everything you can until you are satisfied with the knowledge you have. This process isn't ever complete-- think of it as a journey. But to use more cliches (like "diet and exercise"), if you aren't moving forward you are moving backward.

What do I believe?

1. The thermo-dynamic model of calories in versus calories out/burned is tragically flawed.

It sounds logical and sells gym memberships, but it just isn't really right. Sure, if you eat 5000 calories of high-carb food, you'll likely gain weight (fat), and if you eat 400 calories a day, you'll probably lose weight (fat and perhaps muscle too). Getting on a treadmill just doesn't cause your hormones to release energy from fat cells.

Here's an example of the misinformation. I don't believe it's their intention to mislead people, but the advice is based on this flawed assumption.

The following talk gives a good explanation for why this model is flawed. I also think the macronutrient centered advice is good for short-term weight loss.

2. Cardio doesn't really burn any fat

This article speaks more to the issue that cardio hardly burns any fat (too little to consider significant). It also addresses the issue that you could be hurting yourself with too much cardio.

3. You should do the exercises and activities you enjoy

I'm not encouraging anyone to stop exercising or being active. There are still many benefits. Actually, some argue "burning calories" is the main way people experience pleasure.

In conclusion, please don't be afraid to challenge your existing beliefs, *especially* if what you think/believe now isn't working. Take your health and well-being into your own hands.

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Orange: Healthy Snack AND Air Freshener

Orange Aroma

Oranges are wonderful and healthy. I doubt you could find someone to dispute that claim. Their aroma is also wonderful. If you haven't already after eating an orange, try leaving your orange peel out for a day as air freshener. It can really freshen up your home or office. After it's been out for a day or two, the rind can be composted or used as mulch in the garden or on house plants as well. Enjoy!

P.S. I plan to bring a plate to my office instead of using paper towels for this