Saturday, March 17, 2012

Parents please don't give your infants fluoride!

It seems extreme to say fluoride is a toxin, unless of course you've actually researched it and know this to be absolutely true.

There is no proof that systemic fluoride (ingested as opposed to topical) has any positive health benefits whatsoever. There are some correlative statistics suggesting this, but they ignore other relevant data. Check out the graph showing the decline in dental caries in a number of countries that don't fluoridate next to the US and a couple other that do:

Fluoride in water has no benefit for anyone at all, but it hurts some populations disproportionately: infants (especially low income), those with kidney-disease, and the people who are actually allergic to fluoride!

If you just follow the conventional wisdom or choose to believe what the corporate dollars tell the policy makers to have you believe, then just keep on drinking fluoride (that otherwise would be treated as toxic waste!) in your water. If you are concerned about health, please do your own research.

The damage to infants is the worst part of this if you ask me. Parents of infants, please don't let your little ones drink fluoridated water or eat fluoride contaminated food!

The ADA says it's OK:

The CDC too!

Here's a place that recommends against it:

Who do you believe? And why?